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I work adults of all races, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and spiritual identities. My clients are therapists, therapists-in-training, educators, physical therapists, social workers, social change agents, personal trainers, massage therapists, and medical professionals. The work we do together is in-depth and collaborative.


Who you are personally, professionally, and spiritually are inextricably linked. In our work together, you learn to give yourself permission to do your own work. Come to a greater understanding and acceptance of yourself. Develop a stronger authentic relationship with yourself and experience the unconditional support and empathy that distinguish a therapeutic relationship from all others.

Identity Exploration


Understanding your racial and ethnic identity is a powerful and intimidating process. Whether you are a Person of Color who wants space to process your experience or a White person who wants to understand your own Whiteness, I offer a nonjudgemental, safe space to do this work.

Common issues addressed in identity exploration include; Oppression, Power, Privilege, Prejudice, Racism, and how our identities intersect.

Building an identity affirming support system in a small community can be isolating. I provide a therapeutic relationship that fosters authentic identity development.

Common reasons LGBTQIA individuals choose to see me for therapy are; Recovery from Reparative Therapy, Gender Dysphoria, Romantic Relationship Distress, Family Relationship Distress, Anxiety, Depression, and Family Planning.

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