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I am not currently accepting new clients.

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Clinical Consultation

You are a therapist who takes your ethics very seriously. Many counseling and psychology graduate programs are great, but they still don’t address all of the unique identity groups and clinical concerns that reflect our society.


LGBTQ clients are often invisible and over-pathologized.

You don’t want to do harm, but fear that you don’t have the skills necessary to practice competently.


With clinical consultation, we can meet in-person or using video chat to discuss your clinical concerns about working with clients with diverse gender and sexual identities. 

Holding Hands

LGBTQ Family Consultation

Your family is changing in ways that leave you feeling inadequately prepared. You love and want to support your family member, but you worry about what others will think.


Finding resources on the internet feels overwhelming. Who can you turn to with the million questions that are filling your heart and mind?


With family consultation, we can meet in-person or using video chat to discuss your concerns, questions, and fears.


Consultation is NOT therapy. We do not focus on diagnosing, identifying, or alleviating psychiatric symptoms. If you are experiencing symptoms that are better addressed in counseling or therapy, I will provide you with a suitable referral to a provider in your community. We can continue to our consultation work, but I cannot be both your consultant and your therapist.

My professional and personal background in multicultural identity development provide me with a knowledge-base that many people do not possess. Consultation offers an opportunity to explore topics of professional and/or personal concerns in an in-depth one-on-one format. 


Consultation takes place in-person or via a secure video service called Consultation clients do not have to reside locally. As long as we can see and hear each other, we can work together.


The investment:


Payment is accepted through cash, credit, debit, check, and Venmo.

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